Non-Residents Package with UK business banking

Not a UK resident? Set up a UK limited company with a UK bank account.
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Ideal for Non-UK Residents

A package for non-residents who wish to set up a UK limited company, including:

UK business banking

We have partnered with Wise (formerly TransferWise) to offer our non-UK resident customers a UK business account to send, spend, and receive multiple currencies with the real exchange rate.
You will get your own UK account number and sort code, Eurozone IBAN, and US account and routing number in minutes, regardless of where you are in the world.

Prestigious London address services

Also included in the package price is the use of our Central London address for one year. We will provide you with 3 address services; Registered Office, Service Address, and Business Address.

Company maintenance service

Other benefits include free access to our secure Online Company Manager, where you can view, maintain and change your company details with Companies House for the lifetime of your company.

How much will I save by choosing this package?

If you were to buy the items included in this package individually, it would cost a total of £997. Therefore, at a discounted price of £400, you will enjoy a huge saving of £597.

Non-UK Resident Banking Options

Through our extensive experience in working with non-UK residents, we understand the problems many have obtaining UK business banking facilities. Please find below our best options:

Wise UK Business Account*

The simplest and quickest business banking solution for non-UK residents, and so we have included this option within our non-UK residents’ package.

It provides international business banking with worldwide coverage, allowing you to send money to 160+ countries, and receive and hold 40+ currencies.

After your company is formed using our website, we will send you a link to create your business account and you will very quickly receive your UK bank sort code and account number.

There is a fixed one-time onboarding fee of £45.00 (or equivalent in local currency). Account openings are subject to approval.

*Wise are currently reporting large delays in the opening of new business accounts. You can wait to be onboarded by Wise; alternatively, we have provided you with an alternative banking solution from Payoneer which you can sign up for straight away. After your company has been formed, you will be sent an Order Fulfilment email containing links to both Payoneer and Wise.

Apostilled Document Service

Many non-UK residents choose to open a bank account in their own country as opposed to in the UK; however, a bank in another country will normally require you to legalise or ‘apostille’ your UK company documents.

Our Apostilled Documents Service can be added on our Checkout page.

Package Features:

Limited Company

Companies House fees Included

Email Copy of Certificate of Incorporation, Share Certificate(s), Memorandum & Articles

Email Copy of Company Register with First Entries

Printed Certificate of Incorporation, Share Certificate(s), Memorandum & Articles

12-month Cancellation Protection


Wise UK Business Banking

Address Services

London Registered Office Address (with same-day digital mail service)**

1 x London Service Address (with same-day digital mail service)**

London Business Address Service (includes International Forwarding)**

Business Essentials

Free .com or Domain Name

VAT Registration (use at anytime)

Filing of the first Confirmation Statement

Business Telephone Number Free for 12 Months

Discounted monthly webinar on Capital Raising & Doing Business in International Markets

Free Online Company Manager

Free International Business Tracked Delivery***

** All registered office and service address mail (official government mail) will be scanned and emailed to you free of charge. Business address mail will be forwarded to you at Royal Mail International postal rates plus 15% handling charge.

*** Your printed company documents will be sent to you free of charge by International Business Tracked Delivery Service.

Prefer to order by telephone?

If you are not confident forming your company online – call our friendly team and we will complete your order by telephone.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to live in the UK to register a limited company?

No, you can register a UK limited company from anywhere in the world. The only requirements are that you have one director and one shareholder (the same person can assume both positions) and your company has a registered office address in the UK (included in the Non-Residents Package).

Do I have to use this package to form my company?

Yes. This package have been specifically designed by us for non-UK residents and represents the best value for money.

Can I use my home address instead of those provided?

Yes. You can choose to use another address if you would prefer. Please remember, your Registered Office address must be a UK address. The package cost will remain the same should you choose not to use any of the inclusive address services.

Will my company mail be forwarded internationally?

All mail will be forwarded to you, regardless of where in the world you are located. All mail is covered by one of the three address services included in this package: registered office and service address mail will be scanned and emailed to you, free of charge.

General business mail will be forwarded at the cost of the Royal Mail postage plus a 15% handling fee.

What is the Free Online Company Manager facility?

This is a facility which allows you to make changes to your company easily. Just file your updates using our website and we will take care of the rest, making sure everything is kept up to date at Companies House.

What is the confirmation statement?

The confirmation statement is a document that must be filed annually, providing Companies House with up to date information about your company. This package includes the preparation and filing of your first confirmation statement.

Will you file my annual accounts?

This package does not cover the filing of company accounts. However, for an additional fee, we will be able to do this service when it is due. 

Are there any extra costs?

Registered office and service address mail (official government mail) will be scanned and emailed to you free of charge. General business correspondence will be forwarded to you at the cost of the Royal Mail postal charge plus a 15% handling fee.
After the first year, address services can be renewed at the standard rates.

Do I need to supply proof of ID?

All company formation agents, including ourselves, have a legal requirement to check Proof of ID and Address documents. 

How much will it cost me after the first year?

This package have many discounts and includes three address services and the filing of your confirmation statement which can be renewed at a total cost of £600.

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